Now Playing

No Exit

by Jean Paul Sartre

Directed by Vincent Grund

Opens Friday, February 17, 2023

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“The Most Recent Things” Salve, Carissimi! We hope all is well for all as we head into the second half of our 2022-23 season. Here are a few updates from Casper’s favorite experimental/art theatre cult: NOW PLAYING: Sartre’s No Exit continues its run at the TotP Studio Theatre, for two more weekends, Friday-Sunday at 7:30…

Theatre is Essential!

The Official Podcast of Theatre of the Poor

Episode #4: Community Theatre/Theatrical Community Theatre Is Essential!

Actor William T. Wallace joins Conte for a discussion of how community theatre in Casper consists of a theatrical community of individuals who have dedicated themselves to the art; who have found ways to make a life in theatre, if not a living in it. Will shares his experience of "being raised" at Stage III, and reminisces about his parents' contributions to the theatrical community in Casper. Finally, Will and Conte speculate on the possibilities for a conservatory program in Casper run by the leading performing arts companies, and what it would be like if the theatrical community intentionally pooled its talent, energy, and resources.
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  4. Episode #1: Is Theatre "Essential"?
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