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Double Trouble

Translating and Staging the Menaechmi by Plautus We conclude our “Found in Translation” season with one of the great comic masterpieces from antiquity. Written by Plautus early in the 2nd century BC, Menaechmi was presented for the first time in the context of the festival games, or ludi, of Republican Rome. These were spectacles of…

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Theatre is Essential!

The Official Podcast of Theatre of the Poor

Episode #5: What It's All About Theatre Is Essential!

They're from Staten Island, now they live in Wyoming and run a theatre company! Julia Conte and her dad, TotP Artistic Director William Conte, talk about the inspirations animating the theory and practice of TotP in a wide ranging, somewhat freewheeling discussion occasionally punctuated by the yap of a very spoiled dog. Ay, you don't wanna miss it!
  1. Episode #5: What It's All About
  2. Episode #4: Community Theatre/Theatrical Community
  3. Episode #3: Rethinking Academic Theatre, Part II
  4. Episode #2: Rethinking Academic Theatre
  5. Episode #1: Is Theatre "Essential"?


  1. Hi Bill. I am a patron. I attended Sartre’s No Exit. I appreciate that you’re trying to bring productions like these to Casper. The heavens know how desperately it needs a little culture.

    I have a historically themed Halloween party business I’m starting that I think can actually be quite lucrative in time that flopped for various reasons last fall in Casper. Fortunately, I’m tenacious or foolish enough to try to learn from the same and try again with improvements, one of which I hope might be a collaboration with your troupe.

    I thought it might be right up your company’s alley, moreso than other competing theater groups, but also in the interest of common cultural creation.

    Might there be a time that I could visit with you after 5:30 in the evening on a weeknight or on the weekend by phone or in person?


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