What’s Happening!

Daniel Igleheart as Khelestakov rehearses with Caitlyn Lynch as Marya in a scene from Act IV.

“Inspector General” Tickets Now on Sale

Get your tickets for a world classic that is as relevant today as when it was written. Staged in the raucous style of the Theatre of the Poor, we bar no holds in presenting this timeless comic satire about governmental corruption, incompetence, and abject stupidity. Get ’em here. Opens Thursday, October 6, eight performances over two weeks. By the way, that beautiful dress Caitlyn is wearing, along with other costume pieces, are on loan to us from our friends at Stage III Community Theatre 🤗. We are grateful to them and to Stage III board member Heather Lynch, and Fathom Swanson-Paad of the one and only Keyhole Peepshow for pulling the wardrobe, dressing our actors, and just being awesome. We circus people got to stick together! Thank you all so very much.

Open Mic Late Nite!

The next Open Mic will be Saturday, October 8 at 11 PM after the performance of Inspector General. Performers of all kinds encouraged. We had a blast at the last one and hope you’ll join us for the next one. Ours is a welcoming space where you can try out your poetry, music, comedy, whatever! Sign up is at 10:30, $5 suggested donation at the door. TotP Studio Theatre, 140 E. Midwest Street, Suite 202

Classes and workshops

No classes next week as we are in final dress rehearsals for The Inspector General. The next meeting of the the Fifth Way Study Group will be Sunday, October 9th from 11 AM-1 PM. Learn more about G.I. Gurdjieff’s concept of “work on oneself,” and how to apply it to the theatre as well as every day life. $5 suggested donation. Presented by artistic director William Conte.

For more information about our classes and workshops, please click here.

We invite artists to showcase their work

We got walls. Lots of walls. Our space is ideal for the display of paintings, photographs, sculptures, and installations. Contact us at theatreofthepoor@gmail.com or message us on FB or Insta.

Find us on social media!

140 E. Midwest Ave.
Suite 202
Casper, Wyoming 82601
United States of America

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