Director’s Note: American Buffalo

by Julia Conte

Brett Christensen and William Conte as Donny and Teach

American Buffalo, a tragicomedy by David Mamet, is a hilarious, heart breaking and warming story of three rough and tumble men trying to make ends meet. Performed in the actual location of the play, a local junk shop, the audience will get the unique experience of a fully immersive show, in which you become a fly on the wall for one day in the lives of these three men. The play takes place over the course of one fateful day when Donny Dubrow, played by Brett Christensen, concocts a plan to break into the house of one of his customers and steal his coin collection. Don enlists the help of Bobby, a young heroin addict played by Vince Grund, and Teach, a brash con man played by William Conte. Over the course of an hour and a half, chaos ensues as Teach sways Donny from allowing Bobby to help them in their heist, and the men brainstorm their plan. The naturalistic dialogue pulls the audience right into their lives and it is difficult to not end up feeling for these utterly human characters as they are eventually left with the only thing they had in the first place: each other. 

I’d like to thank my Dad for always believing in me and providing me with such great opportunities like directing this classic. 

Unfortunately this play contains multiple racial slurs. These slurs are only included in order to be at the expense of the characters using them. 

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