Classes and Workshops

Conte as Prophet Tiresias, The Bacchae, August 2019

William Conte holds a Ph.D in Theatre from The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. He has been teaching, acting, directing, writing, and producing theatre since 1985. At Casper College from 2010-2020 Dr. Conte was the Instructor of Theatre History and Literature, the director of 16 plays and musicals, and a recipient of the 2014 NISOD Award for Teaching Excellence.

We provide the public with an affordable, in-depth study of Theatre and Acting.

Topics in Theatre

This continuing course covers theatre history and theory from its origins to the present day, and incorporates reading and discussion of seminal plays and primary historical texts. Students receive a broad but comprehensive overview of how theatre was done (history), and why theatre was done (theory), with plays serving as the living artifacts of various times and places throughout history. Tuition: $50/ten classes or pay what you can.

Actors’ Workshop

Actors of all levels of experience have the opportunity to develop monologues and audition pieces and engage in scene work, with the goal of leading the actor to the discovery of the full potential of both the material and themselves. Tuition: $20/session or pay what you can.

Unless you want to go into STEM, you don’t need college. Especially if you’re an actor or theatre artist. Your success is not dependent on acceptance into an academic theatre program. You have choices. This is why enrollment is down in colleges across the country, as more and more people exercise the option to pursue their education by other means.

William Conte, Artistic Director