Current Season

August 2021

The Summoning of Everyman

Written by Anonymous

The famous medieval morality play, performed in an alley in the original Middle English, with a Wyoming twist.

October 2021

The Bald Soprano

Written by Eugene Ionesco

An existential farce from the Theatre of the Absurd, performed on a continuous loop for 24 hours.

December 2021

A Very DADA Xmas

Curated by William Conte

We go back 100 years to the Cabaret Voltaire, where Tristan Tzara, Hugo Ball, and their fellow DADAists celebrate the holiday season in their unique style, which is not a style, but DADA.

February 2022


Written by William Shakespeare

Among the greatest plays ever written, performed in various spaces in the Midwest Building.

April 2022

American Buffalo

Written by David Mamet

Set in a thrift shop, this experiment in hyper-realism is performed in the P.R. Thrifty thrift store on Wolcott Street.

June 2022


Written by Anonymous

The great Anglo-Saxon epic, performed outdoors on Casper Mountain.

Our Season and Apprenticeship Program are supported by a grant from the Wyoming Arts Council