Current Season

This season’s productions are, in a sense, a continuation of the exploration of language that ran adjacent to our productions last season, which included works written in Old English, Middle English, Renaissance English, Absurdist “English,” and the hyper-realistic English of Mamet. We have chosen four plays from outside the Anglosphere: all are world classics that have held the stage for decades, if not centuries. We hope you will join us in support of our work as we expand our range and vision in the creation of unique theatrical experiences. Thank you!

October 2022

The Inspector General

Revizor is the original Russian title.

Written by Nikolai Gogol (Russian)

This brilliant satire of government corruption and bureaucratic incompetence in 19th century Russia remains hilariously relevant nearly two hundred years after it was written.

December 2022

Largo Desolato

Written by Vaclav Havel (Czech)

A semi-autobiographical account of an intellectual’s experience of Kafkaesque government surveillance, propaganda, and pressure to repudiate his own manifesto, with his friends and family unable to prevent his gradual disintegration.

March 2023

No Exit

Written by Jean-Paul Sartre (French)

A classic Absurdist drama that explores the existential torment we inflict on each other.

June 2023

Menaechmi or The Two Menaechmuses

Written by Plautus (Latin)

Originally performed at the ancient Roman Games of the 2nd-3rd century BC, this farce about identical twin brothers with the same name and separated at birth was the inspiration for Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors and The Servant of Two Masters by Goldoni.

Our Season is supported by a grant from the Wyoming Arts Council.