Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by William Conte

Music by Caleb Phillips and Alex Wagner
Performed at the Flying V Lodge, Newcastle, Wyoming
August 2016

Piece by MEL Magazine covering the event.
Bandstand and rear patio, Flying V Lodge
The Three Weird Sisters: Julia Conte (left), Emily Quintana (center), Hope Becker (right)
A.J. Guillen as the Captain announces victory
A.J. Guillen
The aftermath of the celebration
The Weird Sisters cook up some….witches’ brew
Daniel Quintana as Macbeth, Katelynd McFarland as Lady Macbeth
Roused from sleep, Macbeth is told of the murder of Duncan
Elijah Leinen as Angus
Nick McDill as Banquo
Banquo’s Ghost appears at the victory banquet to haunt his assassin
Conflict as Macbeth becomes increasingly unstable….
Act V, Scene 1: “Out, out, damned spot!”
Curtain Call

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