Written and Directed by William Conte,
Adapted from Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus

Music by Caleb Phillips, Mary and Christen MacGuire
Performed in collaboration with Stage III Community Theatre
August 2017

Watch to see how we put the show together, and timed the Theft of Fire with the actual Solar Eclipse of 2017.
Elijah Leinen as Epimetheus
A contemplative Prometheus (William T. Wallace) on the cusp of rebellion against Zeus.
Jeremy Patey as Kronos, surrounded by his army of Titans
Lori Ordiway as Rhea cradles a “baby” that will be devoured by Kronos.
How Titans agree to disagree
The Olympian Gods: From left Anthony Ridley as Poseidon, Kathleen Overstreet as Demeter, A.J. Guillen as Zeus, Rhiannon McLain as Rhea, and Julia Conte as Hestia.
Might (Scott Johnson) and Violence (Rhiannon McLain) carry Prometheus to his punishment.
Jake Sirokman as Hermes prepares to chain Prometheus to the mountain.
Cameron Allender as Hephaestus nailing Prometheus down
Surrounded by the Daughters of Poseidon, Prometheus (William T. Wallace) endures the penalty for stealing fire from the sun.
One of Poseidon’s Daughters (Fay Hall) comforts the tortured Io (Tricia Levitt Lovelace)
Poseidon (Anthony Ridley) glowers as his daughters plead for Prometheus’s release.
Tricia Levitt Lovelace as Io
Zeus speaks thru the Oracle
A.J. Guillen as Zeus
Mary Gray as the Oracle
Gabriel Cisneros as Hades
In the final act, staged in the Stage III arena, the characters find themselves in a Hell of their own making. Seen here, Io (Tricia Leveitt Lovelace) takes revenge on Zeus (A.J. Guillen) as Hades (Gabriel Cisneros) looks on.
The scene in Hell captured by an audience member’s cell phone.

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