The Waste Land

Written by T.S. Eliot
Directed by William Conte

Immersive Environment by William Conte and William T. Wallace
Music by Caleb Phillips
Performed in a storefront in downtown Casper, Wyoming
April, 2016

Graffiti consisting of quotes, references, and allusions from the poem in several different languages were chalked on the walls.
William T. Wallace as the Narrator
An example of one of nine “stations” comprising the total immersive environment.
The Transformation of Philomel: Ariel takes flight as she flees her tormentor and is turned into a nightingale.
Tricia Levitt Lovelace as Madame Sosostris, “famous clairvoyant.”
Dawn Anderson as the Hyacinth Girl: “looking into the heart of light, the silence.”
The Hyacinth Girl’s “Garden”
The fortune-telling booth of Madame Sosostris
William Conte as the Prophet Tiresias
“What branches grow out of this stony rubbish?”
The copper sheet was used for percussion to accompany music performed by Caleb Phillips.
Candlelight throughout the space imbued the environment with a sense of mystery.
99 candles illuminated every performance.
The center piece

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